Foshan, Guangdong, China Mainland

One person, one home, one city, one loneliness. This is probably the most beautiful portrayal of many wandering people in the city. When you are in a big city, are you sometimes eager to find such a pure land. Every time the afterglow of the sunset has dripped on the sky, the prosperous city has become a bit gloomy and quiet. The fisherman returns with a full load of heart, and the birds leaving the nest quietly return to their nests. Do you also want to lie in your warm cabin to relax your fatigue of the day? Home is the comfortable bed, the soft sofa, the table carrying delicious food; it is that table, chair, bed and sofa that gently soothes your lonely heart. This is the charm of home QINHANG CASA with love as the center and happy life as the radius constitute a beautiful home. QINHANG CASA furnishing is always good at precise design and harmonious and comfortable aesthetic feeling. Allen Zhang, the chief designer of the company, leads the team with rich experience, in order to create products full of style and originality through innovative ideas, so as to give customers the ideal comfortable experience. Our pursuit of beauty is not limited to the aesthetic category, but also committed to achieving a harmonious balance with your emotions and daily life. Our furniture not only has a beautiful sense of design, but also meets your needs with functionality. The 5 product series are tailored for daily life, suitable for living space or bedroom. Therefore, we offer different sizes, shapes and materials for all series of furniture. All pieces can be combined freely to show clean lines with selected materials. Excellent quality, exquisite workmanship and rich experience are the real connotation of QINHANG CASA brand. One table, one chair, one bed, one sofa, one day, one year, it carries our ordinary and long life. QINHANG CASA meets all the fantasies of an ideal home. It is fashionable, elegant, natural and pure. It is fresh and elegant, romantic and warm, so you can taste the taste of home in the city you miss.
Established in 2018
Number of Staff 100-500
Registered Capital Secret
Support OEM Yes
Location First floor, block a, Baohua beixuan factory, Longgao Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Brands QINHANG CASA,Qinhang
Website www.qhcasa.com
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