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Asiades has its origins more than two centuries ago, where the first out of five generations. Hulstein began his career as furniture maker.For generations to come the profession of furniture maker is well bedded within the family.Its originslay in the beautiful city of Apeldoorn,located in the Netherlands,where at this moment the creative and sales office and showroom is operating as well. 20 years ago,Jan Wout Hulstein began exploring the opportunities of expanding globally,this is where Asiades is born, a company which produces western inspired,Asian made,dining and lounge furniture. Jan’s son Kevin, manages the production and sales in China, where Jan mainly focusses on designing the furniture back in Apeldoorn. Asiades is experienced in creating contemporary upholstery, stainless steel, rotan and wooden furniture. We divided our styles between different collections, one completely focusses on sofas, the other is a typical Dutch craftsmanship. All our collections are made with the best eye for detail and quality, we strive to create the most durable and fair made furniture, with responsible sourced materials. Every year we visit lots of furniture shows and Furniture China is a show where we’d like to stand out.We will come with whole new furniture designs, a beautiful booth is created outside of the hall, where we can show off the new and upcoming trends for furniture. Our booth ‘T01’ will be placed near entrancebetween hall‘W1’ and‘E1’,you can’t miss it, have look and try the best coffee!
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