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Healthcare Co.,Ltd was founded in May 2003. After more than ten years of development, MLILY has established five R&D centers and production bases around the globe,including China and the United States, Serbia, Spain, and Thailand,with 28 holding companies in the world. With a global perspective layout market, MLILY has a multi-channel marketing network all over the world. The products have an active demand in 73 countries and regions such as China, the United States, Japan and Britain. MLILY has retailed in more than 5,000 terminal stores, With sales of over 3 billion yuan in 2019, MLILY has rapidly grown into a large-scale modern listed company (stock code: 603313). Since the inception of the brand, MLILY has been devoted to improving the quality of sleep and dedicated to improving people's deep sleep around the world. We are the "zero-pressure"mattress pioneer, and a global partner with Manchester United, working with them to develop mattresses to improve the quality of sleep for their players and producing better game day results. Also,we are the sponsor of "MLILY Zero Pressure Mattress Cup"World Go Open. As the pioneer of zero-pressure mattress, MLILY is the first brand in China to put forward the concept of zero-pressure mattress.With passion for innovation, MLILY aims to bring zero-pressure sleep to consumers. For 10 years, MLILY has focused on the research and testing of zero-pressure memory foam, and obtained multiple patents which ensures that every product created by MLILY can make consumers enjoy comfortable zero-pressure sleep.
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