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Founded in 1994, Shanghai fanjing mattress factory is a private enterprise specializing in the production of mattresses and their supporting facilities. After more than 10 years of development, the scale of the enterprise is growing. At present, there are main brands such as "sienpilan", "Shenbao" mattress, cover bed, sleeping pillow, mattress, fabric sofa, etc. The products are made of exquisite materials, fine workmanship, uniform support, comfortable and durable, and excellent quality. Shenbao mattress is based on the product development tenet of "you don't have me; you have me new; you're new and I'm more; you're more I'm cheap; you're cheap and I'm changing." we're always pursuing progress, standardizing our own behavior with international modern enterprise image, participating in international market competition, accumulating development energy with knowledge and perseverance, condensing development strength with diligence and wisdom, and integrating development strength with high technology, high quality, high quality, and high quality High level of investment and market share, establish a model of Chinese mattress brand. Shenbao mattress with "first-class quality, excellent reputation, perfect service" has won the praise and trust of the majority of users at home and abroad. The products are mainly sold to Shanghai and East China, with a high market share. The brand of "sphaerolan" has been recognized by more and more people. The excellent growth performance is obvious to all, and the customers in retail and hotel are increasing day by day. Shenbao mattress aims at strict management and continuous innovation to provide customers with better products and services. Let Shenbao mattress into tens of thousands of homes is our goal! Wish people a wonderful night and a wonderful day!
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