Superb Creation Furniture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
China Mainland
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Superb means super quality and superior management. Superb was established in 1999 by four partners from Hong Kong. Their objective was to establish a successful leather sofa manufacturing company with global reach and today we are proud to say that they have achieved it. Their extensive experience in leather sofa manufacturing gained by managing first their own company and then forging a joint-venture with an Italian manufacturer was vital to ensure Superb’ success. Our winning formula is based on four main factors, namely, quality, design, service and competitive prices. We ensure quality by choosing carefully our suppliers, that is why we import 90% of our leather and other various materials from Italy. We have also heavily invested in equipments and human resources. Superb Creation believes in creativity and our own British designer provides us with stylistics and innovative models. We offer to our customers various services, from designing exclusive models to arranging every aspect of the delivery process to our customers’ facilities.


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