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Open Online Showroom

DTS is facing towards overseas markets within furniture industry. Suppliers who are specialized in offering home furniture and decorations and managing related products among global markets will be suitable to showcase on DTS platform. If you’re furniture manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers interested in exporting furniture to international marketplaces, digitally promote your brands and/or developing business contacts across the globe, DTS will probably be one of your optimal choices that can make it happen. Contact the Team for details on opening an Online Showroom at DTS

Advertise on DTS

DTS offers advertising opportunities in various formats. Whether exhibitors or not, you are given multiple services to advertise on DTS, including online banner placement, editorials, video displays, email mailing, social posts, sponsorship and more.
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Customized Email Marketing

Relying on high-quality overseas buyer database, suppliers will find it a most effective way to reach and communicate with potential buyers via direct email marketing. A customized email ensures contents exclusive to the suppliers/Brand, which will help maximize your product visibility among target clients. The Newsletter template can be managed by the advertiser following the requirements as below or customized by our digital team for the layout with relevant marketing materials provided.


Limits of width: 756 px  |  Limits of length: not fixed  |  Submission of file format: HTML  |  an Email Subject will be necessary


To achieve ideal marketing effectiveness, advertisers who apply for this kind of advertising services shall have an online showroom furnishing up already at DTS platform prior to the email marketing, in order to hyperlink newsletter contents to the brand showroom or specific product page for further details. Currently customized email marketing is not open to non-DTS suppliers/exhibitors.


Refer to your appointed Salesperson for application

Participate Matchmaking Events

DTS matchmaking events are dedicated to connecting furniture suppliers with potential clients from overseas. Based on certain product origin or category, the matchmakings will be organized from time to time facing target buyer markets and make it through Zoom meetings. Please stay tuned for further updates on the website.
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